Inside In / Inside Out
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Inside In / Inside Out album cover
Studio album by The Kooks
Released 23rd January 2006
Recorded Konk Studios, 2005
Length 40:51
Label Virgin Records
Producer Tony Hoffer
Singles from Inside In / Inside Out

Eddie's Gun
Released: 11th July 2005

Sofa Song
Released: 17th October 2005

You Don't Love Me
Released: 9th January 2006

Released: 27th March 2006

She Moves In Her Own Way
Released: 26th June 2006

Ooh La
Released: 23rd October 2006

Inside In / Inside Out was the debut album by The Kooks. It contained the singles Eddie's Gun, Sofa Song, You Don't Love Me, Naïve, She Moves In Her Own Way and Ooh La.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. Seaside 1:39
2. See The World 2:38
3. Sofa Song 2:13
4. Eddie's Gun 2:13
5. Ooh La 3:28
6. You Don't Love Me 2:35
7. She Moves In Her Own Way 2:49
8. Matchbox 3:09
9. Naïve 3:23
10. I Want You 3:26
11. If Only 2:01
12. Jackie Big Tits 2:32
13. Time Awaits 5:08
14. Got No Love 3:37
Inside In / Inside Out
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